Viides Viikko


We’re sorry if you weren’t able to join us at last Wednesday’s Social Night because it was mmmm mmm GOOD! Make sure to try Ashoka the Great for yourself because they are a fantastic business. I think it’s safe to say we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and left well fed! Click here to see pictures of our feast.

This Wednesday, October 5th at our regular time, 4PM in SSPA Room 107, join us for a special meeting “International Students at the Beach.” Our discussion will be based on international students who study abroad in America, specifically those at our own school. Our panel of students come from all different area concentrations! We invite you to come for an open forum to meet them and ask questions about their experience going to college in a country other than their own. From casual discussion, we hope to learn and reflect on how our countries shape our perspectives of people and places, and how that changes or doesn’t when we travel and study abroad.

We’d also like to remind you that our main event for this semester, Lingua Franca at the University Art Museum on Thursday, November 10th from 7 to 10pm is officially in its planning stages! The UAM’s Peace Press Exhibit will be the backdrop of our event, a fundraiser to raise money towards the ISSA Study Abroad Scholarship. The night will feature a silent art auction and complimentary food. We need YOUR help looking for artists, photographers, sculptors, and more willing to show and donate their work for our silent auction. Please contact us if you would like to somehow be involved in this event, whether or not you are an artist! Help us promote international education to our campus, Long Beach, and the greater LA and OC community!

Make sure to check out events in the community during the month of October by going to our Staying Connected page and some of the newly update ambassador pages for great events pertaining to your area concentration! 
Join us Wednesday, October 12 at our regular time 4 PM in SSPA Room 107 for a new and special feature—ISSA Language Workshops. Come learn new and fun words and phrases in multiple languages. There’ll be food and games, and of course great company! Hope to see you!

Kimberly Conchada & Katarina Eleby
ISSA Executive Co-Chairs


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