Welcome to Fall 2011 at CSULB


Welcome back I/STers!

We hope you are as excited for this Fall semester as we are! We have been planning for what we hope to be an exciting and fun-filled season of activities with the International Studies Student Association. We are a group of students eager to talk about and learn about the world, striving to become true “global citizens.” We promise you engaging conversation, new and interesting friends, advice and tips only I/ST students can give, and of course, food!

This semester our general meetings will be on Wednesdays at 4 pm in SSPA Room 107. We want to focus on international education this semester, with “languages” as our central theme. If you want to know more about studying abroad, find out about different careers you can have with an International Studies degree, how to graduate on time, and how to begin your educational and professional network, please join us this Wednesday! Along with meetings, there will be plenty of social events where you will be able to meet more students within the International Studies department and other departments.

If you are seeking a way to get more involved on campus with extracurriculars, we have officer positions open! Every position holds different levels of responsibility and commitment, some more time-consuming than others. We will describe them in detail at tomorrow’s meeting. Please note that if you are unavailable to attend any or all general meetings, you can still hold any of the following officer positions. Please reply back to this email if this is the case or if you have any questions.

Art Director
Technology Director
Oceania Ambassador
South Asia Ambassador
North America Ambassador
Sub-Saharan Africa Ambassador
Russia and Central Asia Ambassador
Middle East and North Africa Ambassador
International Education Committee Representative
College of Liberal Arts Student Council Representative

We’d also like to invite you to drop by and say hello at our table during Week of Welcome at the Commencement Lawn, this Wednesday and Thursday (Sept 7 & 8), from 11am to 2pm.

Also, please take the time to “Like” our Facebook Fan Page and “Add” our Facebook Personal Page.

Best of luck during your second week back on the grind. We urge you to take the plunge and try something new and exciting this semester. Hope to see you Wednesday!

Kimberly Conchada and Katarina Eleby
ISSA Executive Co-Chairs


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