The Future of International Studies


This academic year has been filled to the brim with its stresses, joys, papers, office hours, beers, laughs, tears, critically acclaimed documentaries, hours in the library, caffeine fixes, and everything that goes along with being a student at CSULB. We’ve been through the basic rundown of I/ST majors, and look at us now: we’re still alive! Whether we’re still sane is another matter, but we are still conscious, and more importantly, still standing!

We’ve done great things within our student association, and although it is sad to say goodbye to the executive board, the excitement for a refreshing transition into an era of new officers may just surpass our initial sentiment. CONGRATULATIONS to our new executive board!

Mariam Hakim
Middle East and North Africa Ambassador

Miss Melody
East Asia Ambassador

John Torres
Latin America and theĀ CaribbeanĀ Ambassador

Katarina Eleby
Europe Ambassador

Kimberly Conchada
ISSA Citizen Blogger and Webmaster

Hanna Lee
Social Meeting Planner

Mariam Hakim
Community Outreach

Britney Ralston

Samie Blasingame
Recruitment Chair
College of Liberal Arts Student Council Representative

Kimberly Conchada and Katarina Eleby
Executive Chairs

Congratulations to our new leaders! There are positions still available for incoming members:Ā Technology Director, Art Director, Sub-Saharan Africa Ambassador, Russia and Central Asia Ambassador, North America Ambassador, Oceania Ambassador, and International Education Committee Representative.

Although there is much excitement for the new change of officers, there is even more excitement for all of the graduates of 2011! Ā On Thursday, May 26th, the College of Liberal Arts said “Bon Vonyage!” and “C’est tout!” to over fifty 49er’s graduating with a Bachelors of Arts degree in International Studies. No words can describe what a special moment it was for parents, families, friends, and loved ones alike on such a beautiful day. A job well done to all of our I/ST majors and minors. We are so proud of you! The world is yours!!

Alica Rose Albertson
Meg Crescent Aquinde
Noelan Paolo Arbis
Enkhmaa Baatar
Christine M. Bagarino*
Justin P. Benning*
Jon Bradley Michael Brown, Jr.
Megan E. Brushey
Stephanie Joan Bryson*
Karen Claire P. Calicdan
Yvette Mercado Cooley
Megan J. Cutler
Danielle Jean Dana*
Caitlin H. Dickerson
Serena Do*
Sonia Elizabeth Esquibel
Erick Thomas Haman
Lindsay Rose Hernandez
Jeffery Michael Hungerford
Lauren Alyss Hutain
Aleen Jaghalian*
Christopher A. Jensen
Miyako Johnstone
Lyric Destiny Kesteloot*
Daniel Dongil Kim
Nahomi Kitamura
Deanna N. Lam
Arturas Lazdauskas
Abdelghafour Louhmadi*
Jessica Elizabeth Cherington Mark*
Paxcely Leticia Marquez*
Tiffany Ming*
Christopher Myint*
Stephanie Minh Nguy
Wendy Ortiz
Nicole Clair Pivaro
Lorena M. Porqueras*
Christina Reyes*
Nicole Marie Rivera
Shina Riane Robinson
Heidy Rodriguez
Louis A. Roupoli III
Daisy Saenz
Shahani A. Salcedo
Andrea Giuliana Sattui
Justin Frederick Schafer
Kiersten Nicole Stadelmann
Amanda Michelle Glassman Thyden*
Redeana Corman Umland
Damaris Nohemi Ventura*
Teresa I-Ying Wan

* Denotes a graduate with more than one major

Please email if there are any mistakes to the list of graduates.

Congratulations Class of TWO THOUSAND ELEVEN! It’s summertime in the LBC! CHEERS!!


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