Beginning of the End


Don’t cry a river just yet. There is still one whole week of classes and one whole week of finals until our graduating seniors say their good riddances. Although this time of year is particularly bittersweet because so many ISSA officers and members are leaving, it’s important that we stay focused on our last projects, papers, and exams. The end is near… let’s go out with a bang!

We had a very special opportunity to commune with I/ST faculty and staff, non-ISSA members, and our families and friends this past Monday, May 2nd, at the Third Annual International Studies Program Awards Banquet. It was a time for celebration of the end of another great academic year. Many awards were given to students deserving of acknowledgment as I/ST majors. Among them were Justin Schaffer and ISSA Western Europe Ambassador, Stephanie Bryson, who both received the I/ST Outstanding Student Award. ISSA President, Caitlin Dickerson and ISSA Art Director, Deanna Lam both received Distinguished Student Awards. Paxcely Marquez and ISSA Recruitment Chair, Nahomi Kitamura, were also acknowledged for their involvement in the local, as well as international community, with Outstanding Service Awards. On behalf of your student association, CONGRATULATIONS to all the award winners!

If you weren’t able to make it to our last ISSA meeting, you definitely missed a very informative and provoking presentation about nuclear weapons by Nahomi Kitamura. Nahomi is an international student from Japan, and so her passionate sentiment about this topic, which was also the focus of her senior thesis, was evident in her presentation. Click here to view Nahomi’s power point file and find out surprising facts about where nuclear weapons stand in international affairs. Also, make sure to sign the petition to bring the world’s nuclear weapons to a “global zero” by clicking here.

This past Friday, May 6th, the College of Liberal Arts Student Council awarded ISSA with an award of Outstanding Programming! The award was accepted on behalf of ISSA by Vice President and SWANA Ambassador, Cookie Partansky, for our many efforts in putting on events for our fellow university students, as well as the local community! Let us all take pride in this recognition! A special thanks to Karen Calicdan for maintaining our association with CLASC by being our CLASC Representative even when your schedule didn’t allow you to attend ISSA meetings. ISSA appreciates you! Congratulations everyone!!

We would also like to congratulate the Golden Key International Honour Society and the University Honors Program Student Association for their very successful Sakura Blossom Benefit for Japan, this past April 20th. Click here to read about what they accomplished.

Although finals have snuck up on us, try your best to come to our last general meeting in SSPA Room 107 at 5pm, this Tuesday, May 10th. Come sit in and say goodbye to the officers that have been our leaders, but more importantly, our friends! We also have one last event this Thursday on campus. Join ISSA in a peaceful protest outside of the 49er Bookstore to make it known to administration that we want our university to sell Alta Gracia apparel. Click here to RSVP. Work out for worker’s RIGHTS! We have much to celebrate this week! Let’s party!!


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