April Fools


April has fooled us once again: it’s already half way over! Where did the time go? Our last projects and exams are already upon us and before we know it, we’ll have to start thinking about finals. In addition to our responsibilities as students, ISSA has taken upon ourselves to get involved with a handful of fun events and projects before spring turns into summer. Better yet, before students turn into graduates! Make sure to visit our Events page to stay up to date!!

March’s events concerning our involvement with UNICEF’s Tap Project were more than noteworthy. The two Tappy Hours held on campus on March 23rd & March 24th were very successful. Aside from ISSA’s involvement, local student organization Tap Long Beach held a large, public event on March 26th called TAP at the Park. Please click here to read all about ISSA and Tap LB’s accomplishments during World Water Week. ISSA has also decided to hold two more off-campus Tappy Hours this Tuesday, April 19th & Saturday, April 23rd on 2nd Street in Long Beach. Click here for additional details.

Additionally on Tuesday, you’ll be able to drop off donated art supplies for young children in Bougouni, Mali. We are happy to help former ISTer, ISSA co-founder, and current Peace Corps volunteer, Krystal Burnett presently stationed in Mali. Krystal has asked ISSA for help by bringing crayons, markers, pencils, pens, erasers, paint brushes, and anything else elementary school children might enjoy. The school she is working with lacks any sort of art supplies. Her 345 kids are lacking outlets of creative expression!! We ask that you bring any supplies (whether new or used in acceptable condition) in gallon sized ziplock bags to Tappy Hour this Tuesday! If you have supplies to donate but cannot make it to Tappy Hour, please arrange a drop-off with Caitlin by contacting her at istassociation@gmail.com.

In other global news, the crisis resulting from the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, which devastated Japan on March 11th, is still upon us. Those within our CSULB community who have been personally affected by these tragic, natural and nuclear disasters have been in our thoughts as we try to understand these events as a part of the international community. Our hearts and condolences go out to those affected as Japan recovers. Representatives from ISSA will be in attendance at the University Honors Program Student Association’s fundraiser, Sakura Blossom Benefit for Japan. The event will be held in the Japanese Gardens on the CSULB campus this Wednesday, April 20th, and is a wonderful way to donate towards relief in Japan. Admission is $5. Click here to RSVP on the event’s Facebook page, as well as find out all additional details.

Lastly, for those of you interested in small student government, ISSA ELECTIONS will take place May 10th. We have a full e-board up for election! Positions include President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Recruitment Chair, Community Outreach Chair, Career Networking Chair, COLA representative, and some of the Regional Concentration Ambassadors. New members and current officers are strongly encouraged to run! Holding an officer position in a student organization is a GREAT way to gain professional skills that you will use throughout your life. Not to mention, it’s fun! Please contact Caitlin or Cookie [istassociation@gmail.com] with any questions about officer positions you have the least bit of interest in!


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