Egyptian Politics 0.000001


Melissa Nordall and Vice President Cookie Partansky, both Southwest Asia & North Africa concentrations, gave us their respective positions on the situation currently happening in Egypt.

Don’t let this post’s title discredit the background information Cookie laid out for us last Tuesday, February 1st. It only suggests that the extent and complexity of the history of Egyptian politics over the past 30+ years is too difficult to narrow down in one short hour. Cookie did, however, manage to lay down the foundation of what is happening in Egypt at this very moment. In addition to the background information, Melissa’s report and videos of live footage added on to the meeting’s tone in an inexplicable way; acquainting us with information that directly affects us as citizens of our own governments and the world as a whole. Click to review Cookie’s Report on Egypt 2011.

The link below depicts powerful footage of the situation.

A Photo Essay. The Anti-Mubarak Egyptian Protests… the Russian Report.


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