Club Updates as of February 7

  1. Make sure to attend tomorrow’s meeting, which will feature guest speaker Jack Clark. Jack is a fellow community member and educator eager to advocate on behalf of TRAVEL as the best means of education, something we can all identify with (at least in theory if not experience). He will discuss the encounters of his most recent 6-month stint in Latin America including cultural analysis, transportation, and geographic diversity.
  2. Mark your calendars for a very special meeting on March 8th, which will be labor-themed and will include a Skype interview with workers from Alta Gracia clothing factory in the Dominican Republic, the only UNION living wage factory in the world producing clothing for colleges and universities. We will have the opportunity to join many other universities, including UCLA and USC, in asking President Alexander and the head of 49’er Shops to start selling Alta Gracia products in our bookstore.
  3. ISSA still has several officer positions available for this spring semester, including Latin America Ambassador, Eastern Europe Ambassador, Social Meeting Planner, and IEC Chair. Please contact your officers at if you would like to be added to the ballot for this week’s meeting.

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