“When You Take Water, Give Water”


Last week, Andres Espana introduced ISSA to Unicef’s Tap Project, a nationwide campaign that provides the world’s children with access to safe, clean water. Every day, 22,000 children die from preventable causes. Lack of safe, clean water is the second biggest killer of these children. Right now, nearly 900 million people worldwide don’t have access to clean water. UNICEF is doing whatever it takes to change that.

During World Water Week, March 20-26, 2011, restaurants across the United States will encourage customers to donate $1 for the tap water they usually enjoy for free. With just $1, you can provide a child with safe water for 40 days.

Andres, a Tap Project coordinator from Unicef, met with ISSA last week to not only educate us on what and why Unicef does what they do, but also to rally us together to make World Water Week a success in our Los Angeles area. On Saturday, February 26th, ISSA will be going to restaurants to recruit for the cause. We will receive a short training session and materials from Andres at 1 PM, then we’ll visit Long Beach restaurants to deliver the message to restaurant owners, managers, and staff in hopes to raise thousands of dollars for children all over the world in need of water. Meeting location TBA. Please stay up to date on our Facebook event page.


Club Updates as of February 7

  1. Make sure to attend tomorrow’s meeting, which will feature guest speaker Jack Clark. Jack is a fellow community member and educator eager to advocate on behalf of TRAVEL as the best means of education, something we can all identify with (at least in theory if not experience). He will discuss the encounters of his most recent 6-month stint in Latin America including cultural analysis, transportation, and geographic diversity.
  2. Mark your calendars for a very special meeting on March 8th, which will be labor-themed and will include a Skype interview with workers from Alta Gracia clothing factory in the Dominican Republic, the only UNION living wage factory in the world producing clothing for colleges and universities. We will have the opportunity to join many other universities, including UCLA and USC, in asking President Alexander and the head of 49’er Shops to start selling Alta Gracia products in our bookstore.
  3. ISSA still has several officer positions available for this spring semester, including Latin America Ambassador, Eastern Europe Ambassador, Social Meeting Planner, and IEC Chair. Please contact your officers at istassociation@gmail.com if you would like to be added to the ballot for this week’s meeting.

Pour me a drink, it’s TAPPY HOUR!


Last week’s meeting included how ISSA wants to get involved with UNICEF’s Tap Program for World Water Week, which falls on March 20th through 26th. The program’s goal is to help raise money to fund clean water and hygiene programs for children around the world by getting local restaurants to ask their patrons to donate $1 for the tap water they’d usually get for free. We discussed hosting a ‘Tappy Hour’ event booth on campus to promote the cause, possibly selling cups of water to our fellow students for $1, not only raising money for the Tap Project, but awareness as well. If you have any other ideas, we would love to hear them at our next meeting tomorrow night.

The least you all can do is let people know about this cool program. If you happen to work at a restaurant, talk it over with your employers and see if it’s something you can do.

Learn how to get involved at Tap Project
Join their local Facebook group at UNICEF Tap Project LA

Deanna, Cookie, and Tanya went to the UNICEF Tap Project training workshop in Los Angeles last Saturday, February 5th.  The UNICEF representatives provided a lot of information about the campaign that they would like to share with you at our next meeting.

Egyptian Politics 0.000001


Melissa Nordall and Vice President Cookie Partansky, both Southwest Asia & North Africa concentrations, gave us their respective positions on the situation currently happening in Egypt.

Don’t let this post’s title discredit the background information Cookie laid out for us last Tuesday, February 1st. It only suggests that the extent and complexity of the history of Egyptian politics over the past 30+ years is too difficult to narrow down in one short hour. Cookie did, however, manage to lay down the foundation of what is happening in Egypt at this very moment. In addition to the background information, Melissa’s report and videos of live footage added on to the meeting’s tone in an inexplicable way; acquainting us with information that directly affects us as citizens of our own governments and the world as a whole. Click to review Cookie’s Report on Egypt 2011.

The link below depicts powerful footage of the situation.

A Photo Essay. The Anti-Mubarak Egyptian Protests… the Russian Report.

What’s Up ISSA?!


We hope everyone is transitioning into the Spring Semester nicely after a long, cold vacation! We are looking forward to this spring which will be jam-packed with ISSA activities YOU can get involved in. Below is the new meeting time and place. See you soon!

Where: SSPA Room 107

When: Tuesday Nights

Time: 5 PM