YoGo! Fro-Yo Fundraiser! Support ISSA!


Thanks for all those who joined us at the SOLO+ISSA mixer meeting! SOLO (Students of Life Organization) presented an awesome ice breaker game of “Human Bingo” followed by some inspirational words of  wisdom by Deux Bowles (SOLO Club Founder), Daniel Eachus (SOLO Club President), and Tina Camera (SOLO Club Vice President).

If you weren’t able to join us to attend CSULB Invisible Children for hosting the “Face-to-Face” tour after the meeting, you missed out! We received an update on the situation in Northern Uganda, which was once occupied by the Lord’s Resistance Army, the guerrilla group of child soldiers led by Joseph Kony.  Click here for the update!

Following the update, a young Ugandan woman, whose parents were killed by Joseph Kony’s Lords Resistance Army (LRA), spoke to us about the former child soldiers and young victims affected by LRA who are now in dire need of support for their education. If you’re interested in supporting a student, your monthly contribution of ONLY $35 will suffice the educational needs of a young student in Northern Uganda. Click here to help.

Speaking of help …

We need YOUR HELP TODAY! ISSA will be hosting a fundraiser at YoGo! from 10am-7pm. Grab a fro-yo on the go, and part of your purchase will help benefit ISSA. Remember, your support will help ISSA with future activities such as film screenings and other fun events!

Missed our meeting this past Tuesday? No worries. Come join us next Tuesday, 5:30 PM @ SSPA 111. Bring a friend!


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