Welcome to ISSA Fall 2010!


Welcome to ISSA Fall 2010!

If you missed our first two meetings, don’t fret! Come join us every Tuesday, 5:30 PM at SPA 111. All majors welcome!

Stay updated with upcoming ISSA meetings and events through our blog and Facebook Fan Page!

We were glad to see many fresh faces at our first meeting of the Fall 2010 semester. If you haven’t yet, e-mail one of our newly elected Ambassadors for weekly updates  on recent news,  campus events, and community events specified to your region of interest. They will also serve as your main source of contact for your questions and concerns regarding your region and ISSA.  If you are interested in receiving weekly e-mails from our ambassadors, please e-mail them at:

  • Asia (Janice Kim): asia.istassociation@gmail.com
  • Latin America(Mayra Vasquez): issa.latinamerica@gmail.com
  • Sub-Saharan Africa (Megan Cutler): issa.africa@gmail.com
  • SWANA (Cookie Partansky): issa.swana@gmail.com
  • Western Europe (Claudia Muntean): issa.europe@gmail.com

Our next meeting on Tues, Oct 5th will be a mixer meeting with SOLO (Student of Life Organization) at 5:30 PM, USU Room 305.

After the meeting, we will head on over to the Beach Auditorium, 7 pm to attend “Face-to-Face,” hosted by Invisible Children. There will be FREE admission, food, and prizes!

This week is also the National Ethnic Studies week! From October 4th-7th, various events will be promoting the intellectual, political and social contributions of the various fields of ethnic studies to knowledge and a democratic society. Click here for a complete list of events!

Congratulations to the newly elected ISSA officers for Fall 2010:

  • Logistical Meeting Planner: Katarina Eleby
  • Social Meeting Planner: Hanna Lee
  • Webmasters: Kim Conchada & Janice Kim
  • Historian: Claudia Muntean
  • Career Networking Assistant: Elia Magana
  • Publicity Assistant: Kevin Langdon
  • Cola Meeting Chair: Karen
  • IEC Meeting Chair: Len Vorhis
  • Asia Ambassador: Janice Kim
  • Latin America Ambassador: Mayra Vasquez
  • Sub-Saharan Africa Ambassador: Megan Cutler
  • Western Europe Ambassador: Claudia Muntean
  • SWANA: Cookie Partansky

Coming up in November we will be hosting a documentary screening fundraiser event! Details are TBA. Drop by our meetings, blog or Facebook page for updates!


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