02/16 Next ISSA Meeting


Hey gang,
Next Tuesday (02/16) is our next ISSA meeting, and this next one will take ISSA to a whole new place!
Up until now we’ve focused on bringing people together and simply talking about how much we’ve learned about the world through I/ST.

However, we’ve come to the conclusion that this old mission hardly utilizes the potential we have as young students to really make change in the world.

Most of the people now in the club are juniors or seniors. We know that I/ST is mostly a self-help environment– so that while our professors encourage us and teach us, they rarely hold our hands through the process of finding internships, getting jobs, navigating through our classes, etc. etc.

Cue the new ISSA. We want to become a resource for the new I/ST majors coming in, to connect the experience and the wisdom of the alumni and senior students to the boundless enthusiasm and potential of our newer students.

We want to help I/ST, but we can’t do it without your help!

For our 02/16 meeting, we’re going to present Dr. Alkana, who some of you may know as one our senior seminar professors this semester, to talk about how society’s youth has been able to enact great change in the world throughout history.

What a perfect way to kick off ISSA’s new focus than to learn about how we too can bring about change.

We’ll also be talking about having a meeting about internships, and we’ll have a representative of the Washington Center come out and talk to us about internship opportunities in D.C and abroad. Stay tuned for details on that exciting event!

For now, write it down! ISSA Internship Presentation on Monday, March 1st @5pm.

Thanks for sticking with us, and tell everyone about it!


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