First Meeting of 2010!


So here’s the details:

When: Tuesday, 2/2 @ 5pm (edit for the date! Sorry!)

Where: SPA 111

This week, we’ll be starting off IST’s new year with a presentation about the violent history of Haiti and the recent earthquake crisis. Also, we’ll be talking about fundraising opportunities and ideas we can all take part in, and we’ll be discussing the Do’s and Don’ts of emergency relief.

Are you interested in learning about a class or an issue, but your classes leave you with no time to learn anything you really want to learn? Let us know at our first meeting! We’re gathering info on countries and issues you’re interested in for our next meetings!

Have you ever been interested in participating in the club but never had the right schedule? Come to our first meeting where we’ll discuss what days are best for all of our club members. Right now, meetings are held every other Tuesday  5pm @ SPA 111. But that’s not set in stone! Look to the ISSA blog for updates!

Ugh! There’s too much to talk about! We’ve got a lot of things planned, so come to our meeting and stick with this blog!


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